How Difficult Is Air Shipping To Guyana

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Speed is now the new name of the shipping game. If you are looking for a faster way to move your cargo to Guyana, then shipping is your top option.

Air shipping is no doubt the preferred solution to move freight internationally or in and out of Guyana. This is the best way for shippers to meet market demands and customer expectations especially in terms of speed and security.

Air shipping is needed especially for immediate shipping needs like replacement parts, high-value gadgets or electronics, or time-sensitive products, especially in the medical or health industry. These are the usual types of cargo that shipping planes carry. In fact, even regular international flights now carry more cargo than passengers.

Freight Forwarding Companies

Airfreight challenges in Guyana

Air transportation is a vital clamp that keeps the supply chains agile. Airfreight shipping is a pretty straightforward process. The logistics provider will just connect with a local carrier that will handle shipments to and from the airport. Once the shipment arrives at the destination point, your freight forwarder will handle pickup and delivery.

Distribution is done within a supply chain or a network of freight forwarders, air, road, maritime, and other distribution networks. This is how we move your cargo. Airfreight traffic in Guyana has mostly handled at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. This has undergone renovations that will help facilitate smooth and quick movements of goods in and out of Guyana.

Airlines are constantly bogged down with cargo or shipping problems especially in Guyana because of customs requirements. This is where freight forwarders like Zip Logistics come right on cue. This is where we save the day!

Freight forwarders basically work as brokers and would strike deals among a network of companies or suppliers that help move the products around until it reaches customers. From ideation to execution, we handle the grunt work of moving cargo in Guyana – from trucking to finding a plane that can accommodate your package. We also help vet clients to ensure smooth screening of packages so they won’t be stuck at custom checkpoints.

Systems have swerved dramatically with the pandemic and lockdowns happening in Guyana and around the world. The focus has shifted to shipping mainly PPEs or Personal Protective Equipment, masks, respirators, and other medical supplies. But, things are gradually coming around.  It’s slowly going back to normal.

Client focus is now business as usual with the bulk of shipping requirements now coming from the manufacturing, health, food, e-commerce, and retail industries. Freight services with the new normal are also forging new ties especially with manufacturers of medical supplies plus also trying new shipping routes via air.

Air Cargo Services

Keeping Up with the Spike in Freight Demand

This is actually a huge tilt for air freight forwarders due to the sudden surge of orders. With that being said, freight forwarders are trying to keep up with the spike in demand especially with e-commerce orders on bulky items like gym equipment and other basic essentials.

Freight forwarders are now taking it one day at a time with the new normal. The increasing demand for shipments has opened up opportunities in the freight or shipping industry. This has definitely opened up new doors and opportunities for many people despite many closed ventures.

Businesses and even new ones or startups are gently picking up which hints a good signal for the freight industry. This is a financial light bulb that somehow appeases air freight headaches. This means air-freight forwarders to Guyana are taking the blows but are not taking the nosedive – this is how Zip Logistics fight this pandemic.



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