Shipping Barrels to Guyana By Air

Posted by Marian

Shipping barrels to Guyana has always been a popular option because of its convenience and versatility especially if you are planning to ship different types of materials or items in different parts of the world. Our goal is to scale your options with an added feature with Barrel by Air.

When shipping to Guyana, you are laid out with different options. One of those is to toss your items and pack them all in a cardboard box, then tape and ship them out.

This may look easy and convenient but shipping in boxes may have limitations in capacity and weight.

It can only carry a certain amount of items plus it doesn’t have enough protection especially if you plan to ship fragile items.

This is why barrel shipping to Guyana gets the most popular vote because it offers convenience, security, and speed that you can get without breaking the bank.

We Introduce to You Barrel by Air!

This is our newest service offering for our valued customers just in time for the coming holiday season.

Why Choose Barrel By Air?

Barrel by Air is fast and cost-efficient because you just have to pay a flat rate for shipping your personal or household and grocery items compared to paying a per-pound rate offered by other shipping companies which can become way too expensive.

In this way, we free you of shipping overwhelm so it’s a ship-and-go process.

When you opt for our Barrel by Air service, you do not have to worry about trying to keep count of the shipping weight or keeping it to a minimum because you just have to pay a standard or flat rate for every barrel you ship. It’s that simple!

What’s the catch? There is none really apart from the fact that we want to help ease off the hassle of shipping every day or grocery and other personal items that you need right away or at the fastest possible time.

With Barrel by Air, you get your items fast or in 2 to 3 days with air freight! You won’t need to wait for weeks or an average of 3 to 4 weeks when you traditionally ship barrels by sea.

Most people would just opt for sea freight because barrel shipping to Guyana by air can cost an arm and leg.  While air freight is used mostly for shipping items that are time-sensitive or if you need to ship items internationally, most people find this to be an expensive route.

Well, not anymore.

With Barrel by Air, you get to call the shots! You can ship anytime, any day, and at any weight without worrying about expensive rates or fees. It has, however, quite a couple of limitations in space and does not have temperature controls which aren’t recommended for cold-sensitive products because barrels have poor conduction or protection against the harsh elements.

Shipping To Guyana

Barrel by Air is for you if:

You are Shipping Heavy Goods

Barrel shipping is usually preferred for shipping dry goods. This is a perfect choice because barrels help waterproof the items compared to using standard shipping boxes.

You Intend to Ship More Items

When you use barrels for shipping grocery or personal and household items, you get to fill the barrels to the brim.

You Like It Convenient and Flexible

Barrels are very easy to move around and transport because you can leverage their weight and roll it instead of carrying it around. This is really beneficial especially when loading and unloading from a vessel.

You are Exploring Affordable Options

We offer a unique pricing feature for our customers. Unlike other barrel shipping services offered by other shipping companies that charge per pound, our Barrel by Air offers a flat rate for barrel shipping which is extremely affordable and convenient especially if you want it fast yet economical.

You Want Speedy Deliveries

If you want fast deliveries or having your household and personal good shipped in days and not in weeks then Barrel by Air is the best option for you.

We at Zip Logistics guarantee quick deliveries that span 2 to 3 days by air and not 2 to 3 weeks when you ship by sea.

A lot of people would settle for barrel shipping by sea even with the ridiculous waiting time because airfreight can be very expensive.

Now, you won’t need to settle for slow shipping that spans 2 to 3 weeks when you ship by sea because you can now afford shipping to Guyana with Barrel by Air.

With our flat-rate offer, you can save more and ship more, and make it on time for the holiday season and even on regular days that you need quick shipping at an unbeatable flat rate offer.

Message us now for your Barrel by Air shipping to Guyana!