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Sending your items thousands of miles away seems like a risky move – but not with us.

ZipShield, the official cargo insurance method of Zip Logistics, ensures your cargo and the value of your goods are protected against any potential losses during transit.

Our insurance policy is holistic and widely affordable, covering for financial loss, damaged/lost cargo, vehicle accidents, customs rejection, and more.

Whether you opt for air, sea, or land shipping, cargo insurance qualifies for most routes for a meager 2% of the item value, taking only a week on average for claim settlement.

Make your freight’s delivery safe and sound with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our cargo insurance costs a mere 2% of the item value. For fractional amount you can rest assured that you will be protected should something our of the ordinary happen.

Unlike other companies, we strive to settle claims as quickly as possible. Our average claim takes less than 1 week to settle. However for more complex claims it can take a bit longer due to our insurance provider requiring more information and approval requirements.

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