Outsmarting Competitors And Challenges In Logistics

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Will you be able to think ahead of your competition to meet the demands and challenges of today’s rapidly changing logistics and supply chain systems? What will it cost to ensure you outsmart your competitors by deploying new technology that streamlines the process, mitigates risks, and enhances customer service levels?

If you have been thinking of the challenges in shipping, like the delays and the high costs, then you’re not alone. However, modern times call for demands and expectations as we always get what we pay for.

What challenges are you experiencing that increase costs and affect the bottom line? Let’s explore these challenges and overcome all the obstacles with the proper mental framework.

IdentIfy the Costs

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Pinpointing the costs associated with the disruptions experienced globally in today’s volatile climate of economic uncertainty is not easy. The inherent complexity of managing a global supply chain that is fraught with risk is an unenviable task. However, it can be made simpler by deploying technology that provides complete visibility of your supply chain from the point of origin to the final destination – the all-important customer.

Customer First

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Today’s supply chains are customer-driven and so must be consumer-centric. For businesses to survive, they must find a way to provide the best products delivered in the fastest time, at the lowest cost. To do so, they must evaluate what impacts the bottom line by asking questions about the cost of sales, last-mile logistics, and services getting offered.

New Mindset

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This new mindset considers profitability as a critical factor within the supply chain. It requires businesses to understand how their supply chain is performing as an entire ecosystem and the actual costs to provide excellent services.

Suppose you are aware of the costs to serve. In that case, that primarily provides a supply chain management framework whereby the analysis of product margins, customer requirements, and business processes enables plans to be made and cost-effective change management decision-making to occur with certainty. In doing so, you cannot only protect the bottom line, but you also improve it.

Analysis of Real Costs

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The Customer:

Analyzing the actual cost behind today’s consumer expectations helps align supply chains to serve customer demands efficiently. By deploying technology that:

  • increases visibility
  • provides flexibility
  • improves service times
  • mitigates risk between the point of origin and final destination
  • improves service times, reduces touches, and leads to substantial cost savings.

The Supplier:

Suppliers and carriers that utilize supply chain technology can do the following:

  • reduce risk
  • improve delivery time
  • enhance service levels
  • optimize shipping and logistics

When the supply chain gets optimized around cost-effective strategies that center on stakeholder performance, there is a more significant opportunity for working capital to get unlocked to benefit margins and maximize customer satisfaction.

What Happens Next?

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Challenges in logistics will always be there. Chaos isn’t something that should intimidate – but an opportunity to solve problems for customers. It’s the primary goal of Zip Logistics. While the global crisis following COVID-19 pandemic still lingers worldwide, it’s not the end of it because there is always an opportunity amid a crisis.

While the challenges in supply chains can be a lot to bear, deploying technology that analyzes a supply chain’s performance from procurement to delivery allows supply chain managers to make the right decisions at the right time and meet their customers’ needs cost-effectively.

If you would like to know more about how Zip Logistics can help your business cut costs and protect the bottom line, contact us, and we’ll get it all done for you in one swing!

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