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There are various freight forwarding companies are present. Among them, there are some listed below. Before that let’s see what is freight forwarding? Freight forwarding is ” organizing the transport of goods and carrying out all or some related activities. This activity may be performed by:

  • transport user (own forwarding);
  • a transport company (the function of a freight forwarder Miami and carrier combined in one enterprise);
  • a separate shipping company (this company deals for a profit with activities related to organizing the transport of cargo for a specific client. “

“Organizing the transportation of cargo using correctly chosen means of transport and the method of transport, as a result of which the cargo is sent from the sender to the receiver,” according to another concept of forwarding.

Top 10 Freight Forwarding Companies


United Parcel Service is a multinational American organization that specializes in parcel distribution and supply chain management solutions. There’s also a load line, freight operations, and retail-based packaging and shipping centers.UPS has a workforce of over 444,000 people and hires 240,000 drivers. UPS transports goods to over 220 countries. The company’s current president is David P. Abney. The total market capitalization of the firm is $ 22 billion.

Fedex - Freight Forwarding Companies


FedEx is a global postal service based in Memphis, Tennessee. It provides a comprehensive range of online services for foreign shippers and small businesses, including shipment preparation, monitoring, rate testing, and tools. According to Brand Finance the brand is worth $ 18.1 billion. Frederick W. Smith is the company’s new president.

Japan Railways Group

JR Group is another name for Japan Railways Group. It is made up of seven for-profit firms that bought the majority of the properties and operations of the Japanese State Railways in 1987. It has a total distance of more than 20,100 kilometers covered by its routes. The estimated value of the company’s goodwill is $11.1 billion.


It is one of the most well-known freight forwarding companies on earth. The company specializes in courier services, international shipping,  rail and road transport, sea and air transport, express shipments and contract logistics, and international parcel. DHL was established in 1969 in the United States. It is now worth $ 10.7 billion.

DHL Express

Union Pacific

Union Pacific is a freight railroad It has an 8,500-strong locomotive fleet that is divided into 43 different types and spans approximately 52,000 kilometres. It has the second-largest system in the United States.The company began operations in 1862 under the name Union Pacific RailRoad.Lance M. Fritz is the company’s new CEO. The brand is worth $7.8 billion dollars.

McLane Company

McLane is a major supply chain player of freight forwarding companies in the United States, offering food supply solutions to grocery stores, supermarkets, and other businesses. It employs 20,000 people and runs one of the country’s largest private fleets, shipping 50,000 products to 110,000 locations. W. Grady Rosier has been the company’s president and CEO since 1995, and its total market cap is $ 4.8 billion.

Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane is a postal service provider. However, in addition to traditional postal services it also provides many integrated products. Such as logistics, financial services, and intercommunication. MedioCredito Centrale was purchased for EUR 136 million in 2011. (USD 166 million). The Italian government approved the selling of up to 40% of the company’s shares in 2016. Matteo Del Fante is the new CEO. The company is valued at $ 4.8 billion.

Canadian National Railway (CN)

CN is a Canadian shipping company that provides integrated services shipping, road, inter modal, rail, distribution, and warehousing. Around 24,000 rail carriers work for the company, which transports goods worth more than $ 250 billion annually for a variety of industries. They transport raw materials as well as finished goods. Goodwill is worth $4.4 billion, according to estimates.

Deutsche Post

The Deutsche DHL Post Group includes Deutsche Post. It is a major European postal service provider. Deutsche Post sends postal packages all over the world, not just in Germany. It also offers services such as conversation and press promotion, as well as corporate relations solutions. About 510,000 employees work for Deutsche Post Group in over 220 countries and territories around the world. The brand’s estimated valuation is $ 4.2 billion, according to Brand Finance.

Deutsche post


CSX is a major rail freight provider. Its headquarters are in Jacksonville, Florida. The company operates nearly 38,000 kilometers of rail freight routes as a rail freight forwarder. The old Chessie System railways, Seaboard Coast Line Industries, merged with the Seaboard System Railroad in 1981, and then the brand merged with the Seaboard System Railroad in 1986. The company is reportedly worth $ 4 billion.


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