Benefits Of Using An Independent Freight Forwarder

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The entire world is still weighed down by the pandemic and it’s taking a huge toll on the global supply chain industry, making an independent freight forwarder an instant plus point for any business.

When shipping domestically or internationally, the red tape can pose a heavy burden on your shipping needs. Everyone has been adversely affected but the world isn’t stopping just because of a single pandemic. The supply and demand process has become crazy and tedious but freight forwarders have stepped up to the challenge.

Travel restrictions are increasing because people would tend to hoard throughout the pandemic. The current situation shows how freight has been plagued with bureaucratic messes ranging from difficulty moving freight across borders or trying to figure out what customers want in advance. It can be very chaotic.

Problems concerning Lack of data and even poor technology are common bottlenecks that lead to profit loss. Working with an independent freight forwarder Miami and digitizing the freight network can help. And this, along with many other functions, proves that using an independent freight forwarder is valuable and critical for success. This is exactly what Zip Logistics can deliver for your business.

Benefits of Working with an Independent Freight Forwarder

All too often, shippers would find themselves overwhelmed especially if they do not have experience with both domestic and international shipping. Many of today’s top forward-thinking e-commerce brands also were once startups, with no dedicated logistics units to handle their shipping needs. So, it’s time to change things today.

Transparency and speed or timeliness of delivery are very important in businesses. Independent freight forwarder arranges those imports and exports and manages the execution of delivering that shipment on time, within the budget, and aligned with their shipper’s expectations.

Without quality freight forwarders who have a genuine concern for your business, you could be in for a looming profit loss or delays in shipping due to back-office oversight and the lack of a wide and reputable network and experience that comes with operating in the industry.  Come to think of it, inexperienced shippers will likely have more issues without a freight forwarder than with one.

Shippers must partner with the best Freight Forwarders Guyana they can find alongside 3PLs, and other logistics partners to help them navigate the volatile waters with ease. This makes them even more unstoppable in the supply chain industry. 

E-Commerce alongside freight demands has increased exponentially in the last few years. Especially since the onset of the pandemic, e-commerce has grown incredibly fast and has surpassed freight forecast demands.

You would need to have a stable freight arm to make it with today’s unstable terrain. An independent freight forwarder offers valuable and much-needed help to navigate all of this demand for businesses. They are key to ensuring that businesses, manufacturers importers, exporters, and other entities have enough product on-hand and scheduled to be on hand in order to fulfill their own business obligations, goods, and services.

The demand for freight forwarding has increased over the years as society moves into this advanced technology state that affects global supply systems. All businesses depend on freight forwarding systems especially if you transport products from one location to another. From increased consumer demands, global disruptions like the pandemic, and market trends affecting the demand, independent freight forwarders are considered to be the saving grace or lifeline for many businesses.

The giant players or large businesses are often under so much pressure with the increasing business demands, their customer service teams, account managers, and back-office staff would often be neck-deep when it comes to working.  It’s the independent player who can step in and deliver in tough scenarios, offering specialized service and expertise to help you not only get a great rate but get your cargo delivered with exceptional care and more timely support.

Digital freight networks are evolving rapidly too as a result of advancements in web-based technology, new data services, and modern tools has added new capabilities to exceed customer expectations and transparency demands. They make predictive planning easier to navigate with automation and the ability to view data in real-time with smart, always-on digital assistants. Freight forwarders combine these new technologies with their services and advise their customer base, from shipment operation start to finish.

Tapping Into the Benefits of Using an Independent Freight Forwarder

Convenience and speed are just two of the best factors that can work to your advantage when you decide to work with an independent freight forwarding company. But, there is more to it than meets the eye. There are many added benefits to freight forwarding. They continue to acclimate to their circumstances and move in line with customer expectations and rapid advancement up the human technological curve.

Before operational disruption strikes, the shipping market regularly faces an often brutal cycle of increased and decreased demands that need to be navigated with precision. The sudden need to restructure shipping processes to accommodate the changes will inevitably cause significant delays. With Zip Logistics, you can sleep well knowing that your business is well taken care of.

Cheap Costs

If you want affordable costs for your shipping needs then go with independent freight forwarders. Independent forwarders can reduce cost-guzzling issues like delays at ports or cross-border by building out more relationships with local organizations, including customs officials, to help streamline shipment execution and manage the growing costs of e-commerce logistics.


 If you want a forward-thinking company then go with independent forwarders who have a more excellent range of adaptability and are more likely to work with regional and non-traditional transportation service providers. In turn, this level of independence helps to enable faster and more affordable shipping.


 Independent forwarders help shippers scale volume commitments to promote increased throughput. That helps to reduce the overall impact of rates across businesses of all sizes. Often the systems they use would scale with them, and ideally in a usage-based variable model that considers tough margins within the industry.


 Independent freight forwarding employs the most advanced technology, such as automated systems, digital platforms, or cloud-based systems, to improve their processes and keep shippers informed from start to finish. By staying independent, they are more motivated to provide better visibility into all operations.

Partner with Zip Logistics!

It’s always advisable to create a mix of diversity in partnerships just like when you choose to work with both traditional and independent freight forwarder partners. Partnering with the best freight forwarding systems provider will ensure robust relationships with shippers and carriers alike. Independent forwarders can provide more value for your business without compromising the costs. Contact Zip Logistics today so you can get started with hassle-free and on-point shipping.

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