What Is Combined Transport ? What Are Its Advantages?

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 combined transport

Modern trade is and must be fast and trouble-free. Moving goods and merchandise is faster than ever. It is possible thanks to various types of transport. Which is important due to the market and the specificity of the cargo. And this is the area where Combined transport comes to our aid.

Different pick-up locations and destinations force shipping. Transport companies to mobilize all possible resources to deliver on time as quickly as possible. The transport of goods itself is only one of the important points of the entire process, before it is completed. Its must be behind the extremely important planning and logistics process of the entire undertaking. 

As customers of shipping companies, we expect a comprehensive approach to the task. Regardless of where the start and finish are. The development of international forwarding made that service providers are required to be fully professional service and fully committed. International traders we want to entrust transport matters to reliable professionals. 

Freight forwarders Miami should advise not only on shipping processes. But also what means of transport to use, what documentation is needed. The specificity and complexity of the entire process means that we often cannot handle the entire process. And it is worth using the services of professionals who will help in arranging applicable certificates, contracts and documents. 

What is Combined Transport

As you can easily guess, combined transport involves the use of more than one mode of transport. The rule is to use only one load on the entire transport route and use rail, inland waterway or sea transport. The route of which exceeds 100 km in a straight line. And the delivery and exit routes to the main means of transport are carried out with the help of road transport. 

More specifically, according to the Road Transport Act. One of the following units is involved in the initial and final section of the route: truck, swap body, container, trailer, semi-trailer with or without a drawing unit. 

Entire transport

It is worth noting that the starting and ending section means transport between the point. Where things are loaded via the nearest railway loading station or port etc. and vice versa for the final leg. It can also be transported within a radius not exceeding 150 km. As the crow flies from an inland or sea port, from loading or unloading.


From year to year, the percentage of combined transport is increasing due to its advantages. As we have already mentioned, it allows you to reduce costs and save time. Better vehicle operation, better use of the fleet and better working time of drivers are responsible for reducing expenses. 

More efficient use of the entire infrastructure, faster and timely delivery, greater frequency of loading opportunities, and the number of possible transport options is increasing. Sophisticated processes of changing the means of transport reduce the risk of damage to the goods, which are often of great concern to those responsible for the load. 

The dynamic development of combined transport means that the prices of the global cost of the transport process are lower, thanks to which we can afford faster methods. 

Thanks to the greater availability, transport companies must be perfect and reliable to meet our expectations, so the quality of the services offered is on an increasingly higher level.

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