How Can Zip Logistics Help Your Small Business With Shipping

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Becoming your own boss or running a business may look glamorous but that’s just one side of the coin. It’s not an easy feat and not for the faint of heart either. From conceptualization to the production of the product to sales and marketing, a lot of tasks demand your full attention every single day – and Freight Forwarder Miami helps save the day!

If you are still shipping in-house, you may be spreading yourself too thin. While you may think that it’s the easy and convenient way to do it yourself or DIY, you may actually be hindering yourself from growth and expansion.

Let Zip Logistics Man Your Shipping

The only way to grow is to let the experts manage the other parts of your business which may be repetitive or not your cup of tea. For instance, if you are good in branding and marketing yet would need an expert in logistics and shipping, then this is one important business decision you need to make.

You need Zip Logistics to manage shipping for your small business so you can focus on the core and red carpet details of your company. You can’t be everything to everyone. With that in mind, you need to have a strategy for your order fulfillment, warehousing, and shipping. Every business is unique and you so is your shipping strategy.  

Your small business is unique, and so is your shipping strategy. Zip Logistics will help you get into the inner work so you won’t have to strain yourself by becoming the jack-of-all-trades.

Consider Your Order Volume

The volume of orders you ship will play a huge role in finding the right small business shipping options for you. A low order volume may fit the DIY route for a while for your shipping operations, from buying and printing labels at home to dropping packages off at the post office every time you have new orders.

If your order fulfillment starts to grow which is great news, you also need to upgrade your shipping strategy. There are a variety of small business shipping solutions available to help you scale your ecommerce fulfillment, including packaging and shipping discounts from carriers and third-party fulfillment options which you can enjoy when you decide to ship it with Zip Logistics.

Wide Network of Corporate Logistic Solutions

 We have a wide network of partner stores and comprehensive international delivery and import services so we can offer small businesses affordable access to corporate logistics solutions.

We can also customize our courier, freight and logistics services to suit the needs of your small business and be a one-stop shop for your shipping needs.

Saves Time

Your business is bound to grow and scale – it’s the goal after all. As your small business grows, there is a need for better management of your daily operations to ensure you can continue to successfully provide quality service to your customers. Simplify and outsource your logistics when you ship with Zip Logistics. With us, you would need to deal with just one company for everything you need in logistics and shipping. Below are our services:

  • We handle parcel pickup, collection, and shipping or drop-off
  • After Sales Customer Service
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Virtual Mailbox Service
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Deliver of Fragile or Sensitive Goods

We handle any business size because our clients are our topmost priority. We understand the freight needs and requirements of both large and small companies. We have NO LIMITS and handle all volumes and sizes of freight plus provide flexible and speedy delivery for your business. We have years of extensive experience in logistics and we know the exact requirement of budding entrepreneurs or small businesses. We want to see you grow with us!

Achieving these results requires a lot of internal struggles and hardwork, which should all add up to refine your shipping strategy as we work towards perfecting the fulfillment and delivery processes. To make it even more challenging, this must all be accomplished without increasing prices to unacceptable levels. Once you identify the right shipping partners, however, the process becomes far more manageable.

Combining the options of speed and affordability in shipping will help you cut through the noise especially because of the tough competition in the e-commerce landscape.

Whether you have just started your business and aren’t sure where to begin with the shipping process or you’re an established company interested in creating a more efficient methodology, here are some tips for tackling the biggest challenges small e-commerce retailers face.

Ultimately, customers’ expectations should be at the center of every shipping decision you make, Caporaso said. A carrier that saves you money in the short term but alienates your customer with poor service will eventually cost you customers, and money, in the long term.

Cut Costs

To run a profitable e-commerce business, it is critical to watch your bottom line, and shipping is a major expense. Even though free shipping will be more appealing to your customers, many shoppers are willing to pay a reasonable price for shipping if it is fast.

We make sure to provide you a shipping strategy that doesn’t increase your overhead but will still satisfy your customers’ needs

Earn Customer Loyalty

It’s easier to retain loyal customers than find new ones. Consistency is the key to this. You want your customers to fall in love with your brand so buying becomes a natural thing to do. People support your business because of the quality and reliability of your products and services, and ensuring their satisfaction requires a lot of preparation behind the scenes.

24/7 Customer and Sales Support

We want a brand that we can see, feel, and interact with. Zip Logistics has friendly and personalized customer and sales support so your customers would always feel at home. Offering informational and technical support for shipping is helpful for handling any issues that occur during the shipping process.

Clients sometimes have questions about their orders, so it’s helpful to connect them with a representative who is knowledgeable about your shipping process. Providing customers with answers and solutions – whether through phone, email or social media – will encourage them to come back even if problems occur. This is one of the things that we can provide you once you sign up with Zip Logistics.

Go for the Long Game!

One huge time-save and money-booster for growing businesses is to outsource order fulfillment and shipping to a professional and expert logistics service provider. While it may not be cost-effective for businesses that don’t yet have a lot of customers, outsourcing retail fulfillment can be the small business shipping solution that saves the most time and money as companies scale and order volume increases.

As your business grows, fulfilling orders in-house becomes more expensive. These costs include ecommerce warehousing, machinery, recruiting and labor costs, liability insurance, and more. Outsourcing to an expert logistics company like Zip Logistics can help your business save money in the long run by avoiding these costs.

Outsourcing fulfillment-related tasks to Zip Logistics can also save you precious time: Instead of packing boxes and standing in line at the post office, working with us gives you time back to focus on strategically growing your business. This is the Zip Logistics game plan. With us, you’re bound to win the shipping strategy game.

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