How Long Does It Take To Ship By Sea To Guyana

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It’s very common that customers would ask about shipping time or how long it takes to ship by sea to Guyana – we understand the back story.

We know that even if you have no need for a rushed delivery, you simply feel better when your item gets where it is going in a safe and timely manner. And when the delivery is truly urgent, you expect a lightning-fast shipment. To help you plan for any situation, we will discuss the time ranges typical of sea or ocean freight to Guyana.

Just like during non-pandemic times, ocean freight is typically far cheaper, especially for larger shipments. Additionally, ocean freight prices are far less volatile than air, and new expedited ocean freight services may even offer faster transit times. If you have time to wait for your goods, try to ship by ocean when possible.

Speedy Ocean Freight Services Offered this 2020

Speed is the name of the game. The game has changed just this 2020. Smaller shipments that don’t fill a container (LCL) regularly took much longer to ship than full container (FCL) shipments. Shippers wanting smaller quantities reasonably soon had to pay a premium to go air freight.

But, there are new fast ocean LCL services which can compete with air freight for time, and are a lot cheaper. This is due to several reasons, including ships are getting faster, canal upgrades cutting delays on some routes, improvements to ocean tracking, and a much more competitive freight market.

Some forwarders are now providing express ocean services, sometimes called Expedited LCL, with guaranteed delivery days, actually faster than FCL, and close to matching air transit times.

Express LCL shipments can span for as little as 8 days. This would usually take 4 to 7 weeks on a regular sea freight.

Ocean freight services has huge benefits especially nowadays. These new services suit high-value products, with a critical, but not immediate, due date. It also works well for products with a short shelf life, but longer than a couple of weeks.

Ocean shipping services is ideal for the following:

  • Commercial goods
  • personal goods or supplies
  • household or basic essential products
  • vehicles
  • machineries or replacement parts
  • huge and extremely oversized loads

Why On-Time Delivery is Important

Projects Professionalism

When you deliver goods or supplies etc. on time, you are being punctual and professional. Professionals keep deadlines, end of story.

Prevent Customer Complaints

Customers and clients can be very upset with you and you could potentially lose income when your patrons lose faith in you. If you have ever waited on a package and received it several days after you expected it, then you understand how frustrating it can be to get something important later than expected.

Timeliness is Key

There are strict legal guidelines dictating the timeliness of certain packages. We adhere to these guidelines and make sure you get your goods right on time or as expected.

High Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Timely deliveries make for high customer and client satisfaction. Not only will receiving their goods on time please them but courteous courier services will make for a pleasant delivery process.

To Keep Up with Safety Protocols

Certain goods have an expiration date, which is why they may need to be delivered within strict timeframes. This can apply to medical samples, food items, pharmaceuticals, temperature-sensitive products, and more.

To guarantee full customer and client satisfaction or to ensure your business needs are met, you should rely on sea freight services to Guyana. We want you to know that the only professional way to make deliveries is to make them on time.

No matter what type of business you operate, delivering items on time is essential. That is why we recommend that you consider hiring a professional courier service in Guyana to handle your deliveries. It is a here-to-there delivery system that ensures timely delivery and lives up to its promise.

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