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Air Freight

Our name alludes to the fact that transporting cargo via Air Freight is truly Zip’s area of expertise. Zip excels in this area of cargo transport for a variety of reasons: lightning fast delivery at "Zip Speed"? and steadfast commitment to service being our main tenet. We also employ the latest technological innovations in the shipping industry which enables us to provide our clients with up to date and detailed tracking information each step of the way.

Inland Freight

Need to move something across the USA? No Problem! Zip Logistics and its partners can get the job done. We have moved cargo from barrels to Tank Trucks, so there is no job too big or small for us to handle.

Mailbox Service

Zip Logistics provides customers with a custom address in the United States that they may use to have all of their packages shipped. This address can be used on websites like and which significantly saves both time and money, while ensuring our customers purchase exactly what they require. We can then safely and swiftly have these packages shipped to their international destination via air.

Repack Inspection

For a very small fee the team at Zip Logistics can inspect and repack cargo based on a customer's request. Repacking can usually save money along with preventing packages from becoming damaged during the shipping process.


Protect your cargo for a fraction of the cost! ZipShield guarantees that your cargo gets to its destination safe and sound. If there is ever an issue simply follow our quick and easy claims process to recover the cost of your goods.

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