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We greatly appreciate the trust that comes along with every order you make with us here at Zip Logistics. This is particularly the reason why we want to keep you informed of our action plan when it comes to keeping you and the rest of the Zip Logistics team safe in this COVID-19 outbreak.

Safety is a top priority for us here at Zip Logistics. Safety comes first over profit or competition which focuses mainly on providing safe and efficient delivery of your cargo or product entrusted to us. We value our clients and team members over profit or money. While this is a business, we know our core as being people-centered and this is what fuels our daily operations after all.

We have provided our team members guides and factual as well as up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 as the facts would arm us all and keep our team members safe from this pandemic. The entire Zip Logistics team follows safety protocols or steps as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure that key personnel is protected from COVID-19 infection.

We require our team to follow preventative healthcare steps such as proper and routine disinfecting of all equipment and facilities, frequent handwashing, as well as the use of safety gear to avoid contamination and spread. We also encourage all our team members to be more proactive and vigilant in combating this disease by taking these preventive measures by heart.

You might be wondering whether packages are safe to ship or even to touch once delivered to your doorstep. We honestly asked ourselves that too. WHO states that it is guaranteed safe to handle packages even if the originating area was from a place where COVID-19 cases are reported.

Zip Logistics also did not think twice to extend help with continuous relief efforts in partnership with other humanitarian groups or organizations to provide medical supplies such as surgical masks and gloves as well as other basic necessities to local communities and even across the globe where help is most needed.

We know for a fact that we play a pivotal role in your business and the entire global supply chain. With that in mind, we have contingency measures in place to help us continue our normal operations to keep your business afloat despite the COVID-19 crisis at hand – all while of course keeping everyone’s safety a high priority. In line with the global scare that COVID-19 has posed for everyone, we recognize our responsibility to keep you in the loop of how Zip Logistics takes this pandemic seriously by building transparency in how well we respond and adapt to this riveting scenario.

Here at Zip Logistics, we do want to express our gratitude for the unrivaled trust and patronage you have continuously given us through the years and especially NOW in this stressful and trying times. While economies may be in troubled waters, we always aim to keep your business success and your personal satisfaction and safety imperative in all our transactions.

The Pandora ’s Box may have been opened but Zip Logistics will continue with the thrust to propel your business forward – as we care about YOU and your cargo.

This isn’t just a promotional tagline anymore - that’s our commitment to our clients.